Mephedrone Deadly Amphetamine Stimulant

We’ve treated so many young people who are doing permanent damage to themselves from abusing club drugs that it is with great sadness that we are now documenting the abuse of the new amphetamine club drug Mephedrone.

Mephedrone is making the rounds globally as the newest club drug that has the potential to kill. Mephedrone is bound to become a sensational drug of abuse because it enjoys the status of being a legal narcotic.

Other club/rave drugs which we’ve seen just ravage the young people coming in to our treatment center include:

  • ketamine (“Special K”)
  • ecstasy (“x”)
  • lsd (“acid,” “doses”)
  • mushrooms
  • ghb
  • Rohypnol (“roofies”)

Of course some of the more traditional drugs of abuse are also very popular with young people today, including:

  • heroin
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamine

All of the above are illegal to possess and abuse. Mephedrone unfortunately still enjoys legal status.

Mephedrone is commonly misspelled as mephadrone and is also known as:

  • meph
  • 4-MMC
  • MCAT
  • Drone
  • Meow
  • Bubbles

Since Mephedrone is also known as”meph,” it might be confused with “meth.” “Meth” refers to the illegal narcotic crystal meth, or “speed.” Mephedrone is similar to meth in that it is an amphetamine that causes a euphoric rush and a burst of energy (like meth or cocaine), but it is legal. Some users of Meph have reported feeling empathetic feelings toward others (like experienced when using ecstasy).

Mephedrone is taken orally and occasionally used intravenously. We are already seeing reports about fatal overdoses caused by mephedrone abuse.

Mephedrone’s Legal Status Creates the Inevitability of Fatalities

After twenty five years of treating teens and adults who are addicted to “polysubstances” which is how we classify our clients who are abusing a variety of drugs like ecstasy and mephedrone, we shudder at the thought of another legal drug (like salvia) which drug dealers can sell and drug users can buy with impunity.

Unfortunately, it is not a matter of “if” the rash of mephedrone overdoses is coming but rather “when.”

Talking to Your Loved One Before it is Too Late

We have helped so many families confront and help their loved ones who are abusing drugs that we know that it is such a traumatic process. Mothers and Fathers lose sleep at night thinking about their sons and daughters who are out and may be using drugs. We have created a couple of pages about what to say to a loved one who may be abusing drugs. We also have some interesting articles about “The Cost of NOT Getting Help.” We also can help with finding and Interventionist and setting up a dialog with the young person who is using drugs.