Mephedrone the New Club Drug

Clubbing and partying has always been about the “next” hot thing, whether it be venues or DJs or musical genres.  There is also a drug subculture within the night club landscape.  Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and LSD, (not to mention the ever-present alcohol) have dominated the “club drug” category, but every now and then a newcomer bursts upon the scene.  Today, that drug is Mephedrone and it can be obtained legally.

Mephedrone’s Soaring Popularity

Mephedrone is a stimulant that can be purchased legally in the United States as well as the UK.  According to Britain’s National Addiction Center, it is a drug that has recently gained popularity among clubbers and party-goers in the UK.  The drug is also known on the streets by the following names:
•    Meph
•    4-MMC
•    MCAT
•    Drone
•    Meow
•    Bubbles

In a poll conducted by British dance music magazine Mixmag, it is now the fourth-most popular drug among its readers.  The drug literally came out of nowhere, but it has had a massive impact in the club drug scene.

Mephedrone – The Drug

According to users, the high provided by the drug produces a feeling of euphoria and feels like something between cocaine and ecstasy.  It is available in powder form.  Users snort the drug, or put the powder into a capsule, inject it, or mix it with liquid.  Some mix the drug with ketamine as a means to relax while high.

Undesirable side effects of using the drug include the following:
•    Headaches
•    Convulsions
•    Breathing Problems
•    Heart Palpitations
•    Nausea
•    Depression
•    Psychosis

Mephedrone use may even cause death.  A 14-year old girl in Britain died after friends say she, as well as others as young as 11, used the drug at a party.  They assumed that because the drug was legal, that using it was safe.  Many other children in the country have been experimenting with the drug and have ended up in hospitals, some with self-inflicted injuries while high on the drug.

Health centers have also been seeing more patients who have suffered psychosis from use of the drug.  The Royal College of Psychiatrists has reported seeing more patients who come in suffering from symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions after taking Mephedrone.

Mephedrone – Buying it Legally

Mephedrone was imported to the UK from laboratories in China.  It is legal and can easily be purchased by anyone at any age.  Some order it online and get it hand-delivered to their homes, like you would receive a pizza or milk.  A gram of the drug costs around  $13 and equals about five doses.  Dealers skirt the law by marketing the drug as plant fertilizer and not as a product for human consumption.

Some European countries, such as Norway and Finland, have already banned the drug.  They have reportedly had a string of deaths related to Mephedrone use.  It may soon be illegal in the UK as well.

Mephedrone Treatment

Mephedrone is popular at the moment and is used by many people.  It is also legal.  These facts do not disguise the fact that the drug is not safe and is in fact very dangerous.