Sativex Marijuana Spray

There is a new drug called Sativex coming from a British pharmaceutical company called GW Pharma.

The drug is made with raw marijuana and provides the following benefits:

  • analgesic
  • anticonvulsant
  • antipsychotic
  • anti-spasmodic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • appetite stimulation

The drug will contain the potent components of marijuana (cannabidiol and delta-9 THC).

The drug will be sued as an mouth spray and is intended to reduce pain for cancer patients.

The most common side effects are:

  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • rapid heartbeat
  • intoxication
  • depression

The drug has the potential for abuse, and we are wary after the experience of treating so many who’ve succumbed to addiction to other prescription drugs.

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