Meth Users Have Unique Needs in their Drug Treatment Program

Crystal Meth abuse is a very disturbing trend that we’ve seen grow exponentially over the last twenty three years of treating chemically dependent people here at the beach in California. Other names for crystal meth include speed, crank, crystal, tweak, ice, or glass. Methamphetamine is taken orally, intranasally (snorting the powder), by needle injection, or by smoking.

The widespread phenomenon of young people suffering from meth addiction is an insidious development that has spread from the urban areas into the suburbs and even into rural areas across the United States.

Users of Crystal Meth Have Unique Needs in their Drug Treatment Program

We have learned that the young men and women who arrive here for treatment that are addicted to speed have a very unique outlook on their drug abuse and specific treatment needs. Many times there is anger, denial and often severe depression accompanying the initial detox from meth and getting our clients to start enjoying life again here on the beach in Orange County often requires the skills we use to treat our co-occurring disorder patients who suffer from a mood or behavioral disorder in addition to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our staff of clinical experts has to caringly keep the client on their side and educate them about the dangers of meth abuse. Through workshops, lectures, and individual and group therapy we will guide our client to the realization that life without meth is attainable and will be enjoyable.

Meth Addicted Persons Should Enter Treatment Immediately

Meth addicted individuals are suffering from a chemical dependency that is potentially fatal but also has a high risk of doing permanent brain damage.

Users of crystal meth, or any of it’s street derivatives (like crank, glass, or ice), may become addicted quickly, needing higher doses and more often. Not only can meth induce a severe episode of depression after it wears off, often there is irreversible damage to blood vessels in the brain.

As users increase their dosages, more and more of the brains dopamine is depleted making it difficult for drug addicted meth users to experience joy or happiness with or without the drug. People who use meth to stay up for days at a time while ignoring their body’s need to sleep and eat can literally “fry” their brain and do permanent nerve damage.

Effective Meth Addiction Treatment in California

The most effective treatment for methamphetamine addiction is residential treatment like what Sunrise Ranch offers in Newport Beach or Riverside, California. If the client is in need of a detox and primary care we can also provide that level of care. It can take some time for the individual to “come out of the fog” of their addiction and start making good progress with the individualized recovery program we will create for them.

We will use therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapies to break through and help our client overcome their addiction. Also, there is a non-stop slate of workshops, lectures, group therapy, and activities – including physical fitness, spiritual, esteem building, and fun social outings – which will help the individual start to enjoy life again free of meth.

Contact us to speak with someone who will answer any questions you may have. We will perform an initial psychological screening and assess you or your loved one’s situation and find the appropriate level of care and then you can turn the recovery process over to Sunrise Ranch’s team of clinical experts and twenty three years of experience treating drug addiction. We know that Admissions to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility can be a difficult process. Our intake staff will use care and sensitivity while they guide you through the admission process for drug addiction treatment. We are committed to ensuring that each person who enters our facility be treated with the utmost in dignity and respect.

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