Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Drug Rehab at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California?

Sunrise Recovery Ranch’s provides exceptional drug & alcohol addiction treatment. To make your transition into treatment affordable, Sunrise can work with your insurance company to provide you the highest reimbursement possible. The decision to seek treatment is tough, affording treatment shouldn’t be.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Drug Rehab?

Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is also commonly known as BCBS, is one of the foremost health insurance providers in the country. Additionally, BCBS is also one of the most widely accepted insurance companies among drug rehab providers today. Given these facts, if you currently hold a BCBS policy, you are in a beneficial position if you are in need of substance abuse treatment.

Based on the details of your insurance plan, you can possibly receive drug rehab services at little to no cost to you and your family. In verifying your insurance benefits, you can come to know the type of addiction treatment services that are available to you and covered by your insurance plan. However, it is important to bear in mind that Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans can vary, and the coverage available can also differ from state to state. If you presently reside in Riverside, California or the surrounding area, for example, Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California may be the companies and licensees providing Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans to you and your family. Furthermore, the plans made available to you may also offer different services and policy parameters when compared to other insurance companies and plans available in other states. However, if you check with your insurance company, you can learn about how you can partake in drug rehab services and have your treatment covered by your health insurance plan.

At Sunrise Recovery Ranch, we want nothing more than to help men and women defeat chemical dependency concerns and live lives of sobriety and good health. We also strive to make the initial phases of seeking treatment as smooth as possible by helping those who seek out our drug rehab services understand how their insurance benefits can work to their advantage. In contacting our center, we can verify your BCBS benefits and let you know to what extent your coverage will pay for your care. In many cases, BCBS insurance can pay for most, if not all, of your treatment, though we will do all that we can to maintain full disclosure regarding the financial aspects of receiving treatment at Sunrise Recovery Ranch.

What Types of Drug Rehab Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover?

Like other insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield has guidelines in place to determine the type and longevity of a particular addiction treatment service that can be covered for an individual. However, BCBS health insurance plans do cover a vast array of drug rehab treatment options, so it is quite likely that care of this kind can be paid for using one’s BCBS plan.

However, before one can know for sure if drug rehab is covered, one must first find out the level of care and type of services that will be most beneficial to meet his or her needs to overcome an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. True, a person can learn the details of his or her BCBS policy, though the exact type of service covered and the amount one may have to pay out-of-pocket can only be determined once one receives a recommendation for a particular type of care. Therefore, if you would like to learn if detoxification (or detox), residential, inpatient, partial hospitalization programming (PHP), intensive outpatient programming (IOP), or traditional outpatient services are covered, it is best to seek an assessment for services from a treatment provider and learn if the recommended level of care is covered by your plan.

If you contact Sunrise Recovery Ranch and complete an assessment with our staff, we can then inform you about the types of drugs rehab services that are covered by your insurance plan. Once verified, you can then begin treatment at our center with a greater understanding of how will be paying for services.

How Much of the Cost of Drug Rehab is Covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Depending on the specific details of your BCBS insurance plan, the out-of-pocket cost to you can differ. Many insurance companies limit the length of stay at a treatment center or the type of services that one can receive in terms of what will be covered by your insurance. Additionally, some plans may place restrictions on the number of times a person can receive drug rehab services in one year. In order to gain a greater understanding of the advantages and limitations of your BCBS plan, it is best to contact your insurance company to learn more.

In choosing Sunrise Recovery Ranch as the place to defeat your addiction to drugs, know that we will help you through each step of the recovery process. Additionally, we will also ensure that you are fully aware of the cost of your treatment before you begin partaking in our programming. Whether you have Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California, we can inform you of the details of your insurance plan and the amount, if any, that you will be expected to pay.

What Can I Do if Blue Cross Blue Shield Doesn’t Cover All of My Drug Rehab Needs?

If your BCBS plan does not cover the full cost of your treatment, we, at Sunrise Recovery Ranch, can work with you to determine a financial plan that will enable you to afford treatment and attend drug rehab services at our center. If for some reason, you elect to not participate in treatment at Sunrise, we will be happy to provide you with a referral for services at a center that is more affordable.

How Can I Confirm my Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits?

If you would like to learn about your insurance coverage and how your BCBS plan may cover drug rehab services at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California, feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our admissions team is happy to speak with you about our treatment services and can discuss insurance coverage right over the phone.

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