Does United Healthcare Cover Drug Rehab at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California?

Sunrise Recovery Ranch’s provides exceptional drug & alcohol addiction treatment. To make your transition into treatment affordable, Sunrise can work with your insurance company to provide you the highest reimbursement possible. The decision to seek treatment is tough, affording treatment shouldn’t be.

Does United Healthcare Cover Drug Rehab?

With changes in the healthcare system, drug rehab services can now be covered in full or in part by one’s insurance plan. At Sunrise Recovery Ranch, more specifically, a person can utilize his or her health plan to pay for the cost of his or her care so that a sober future can be realized. Among the many providers of insurance that we have extensive experience working with, United Healthcare is a form of insurance that we gladly accept and have collaborated with over the years. Our staff of professionals has advocated on behalf of men and women in need of our treatment numerous times to ensure that drug rehab services can be received with little out-of-pocket costs left over.

In contacting Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California to begin treatment, we first confirm and verify each person’s benefits. We do this to make sure that individuals needing our care know the full extent of their insurance coverage. Additionally, we complete this process with each person because insurance plans can vary from person to person depending on both the type of insurance they have and where they currently live. For example, a person with a United Healthcare plan may possess different policy parameters and limitations when compared to a United Healthcare policy holder in another state. For this reason, we are steadfast in our commitment to check insurance plan details and provide those details to new clients who will be using their health insurance to pay for treatment.

Contact Sunrise Recovery Ranch today to complete an assessment and so that we can provide you with the specifics of your United Healthcare insurance as it applies to receiving drug rehab services.

What Types of Drug Rehab Does United Healthcare Cover?

There are numerous options for care for individuals who are looking to break free from the grips of addiction. With so many options presently in existence, it is important to receive an assessment for services so that the most appropriate level of care can be recommended for you. It is after an assessment for services is complete that you can know the full extent of your insurance coverage when contacting United Healthcare.

At Sunrise Recovery Ranch, we encourage prospective clients to complete an assessment with our staff so that we can determine the most appropriate form of care that can meet your treatment needs. Once done, we can contact United Healthcare and learn the full extent of your coverage for the type of services you need. We can then provide you with this information so that you will know how your health plan is working to your advantage.

How Much of the Cost of Drug Rehab is Covered by United Healthcare?

To know the exact amount that your United Healthcare plan will cover when seeking treatment at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California, you must know the specific details of your own insurance policy. Some insurance plans cover the majority of a person’s treatment, while others only pay a percentage of the cost of care. Given this fact, you must familiarize yourself with your own plan.

At Sunrise Recovery Ranch, we can inform you of the precise amount that your United Healthcare plan will cover, and we can provide you with the remaining balance that you will owe Sunrise if you choose to receive care at our center. We are able to easily provide you with this information after we have confirmed and verified your benefits during our admissions process.

What Can I Do if United Healthcare Doesn’t Cover All of My Drug Rehab Needs?

Many insurance plans do not cover the full cost associated with drug rehab services. When this is the case for you when using your United Healthcare insurance policy, we are prepared to work with you to both help you maximize your benefits and devise a financial plan that can make our treatment affordable to you.

We discuss this aspect of seeking services at Sunrise Recovery Ranch right at the beginning during the admissions process so that you can feel comfortable with the method(s) in which you will be paying for your care. During this time, we will encourage you to talk about any worries you have about paying for treatment, and we will do our best to address those concerns should they arise.

How Can I Confirm my United Healthcare Benefits?

United Healthcare allows all policy holders to contact their representatives to confirm the details of their health plans and to gain an understanding of the benefits that they are entitled to use. However, if you are in need of the type of care that Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California has to offer, and if you wish to use your United Healthcare insurance to pay for treatment, you can contact our staff today so that they can both complete an assessment for services and confirm and verify your benefits for you.

To learn more about how Sunrise Recovery Ranch works with United Healthcare to help clients pay for drug rehab services, reach out to us today. We are happy to help you in any way that we can to assist you in accessing the care needed to overcome an addiction once and for all.

Thanks to Sunrise Recovery Ranch, my daughter was able to get the lasting recovery she deserved from her addiction and her co-occurring mental health disorder. I am super grateful!

– Michelle A.
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