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Sunrise Recovery Ranch provides detoxification services for adults struggling with alcohol addiction near Riverside, CA. Sunrise has nearly 20 years of experience offering safe & comfortable detox with a staff of trained professionals.

Importance of Alcohol Detox

The importance of detox for alcohol addiction

Many men and women in the United States struggle with alcohol addiction and grapple with the effects of alcoholism. And while most of these individuals did not begin drinking with the hope of becoming addicted to alcohol, there is no denying the fact that when alcohol abuse becomes a problem in a person’s life, it can be monumentally difficult to overcome without help.

For some, abruptly quitting drinking works and refraining from having just one more drink is possible if the individual has the will power to do so. However, for most people addicted to alcohol, emptying every bottle or beer can and promising that it will not happen again is just not enough to end an alcohol addiction of this kind. When efforts to abstain from the use of alcohol are compromised, whether by the overwhelming compulsion to abuse it or because of the withdrawal symptoms that occur once the use of alcohol has stopped, it is wise for a person to consider seeking alcoholism treatment in order to break free from this potentially lethal form of chemical dependency.

In the event that a person makes the brave decision to find an alcohol abuse treatment center, it is imperative that he or she consider options for care that are effective in defeating alcohol addiction. When an individual is grappling with a serious addiction, simply attending Alcoholics Anonymous groups or some other type of support group may not be enough to achieve full recovery. In such an instance, more intensive treatment that includes various interventions is likely warranted.

Residential treatment, a more intensive form of care that features several treatment methods, has helped countless individuals achieve the recovered lives they deserve. While attending a residential alcohol abuse treatment center, men and women alike are afforded the services they truly need to effectively heal from their ongoing patterns of substance abuse. One such service that is featured in this level of care is detox. Detox, or detoxification services, is frequently made available to clients at the start of their care, and allows men and women to have their bodies cleared of the harmful substances, including alcohol, that led to the development of their addictions in the first place. Receiving alcohol detox ultimately enables clients to make great strides toward reaching their treatment goals.

Benefits of Alcohol Detox

Benefits of detoxing from alcohol at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA

Men and women who receive detox as part of their treatment for alcohol addiction stand to reap many benefits. When not in the safe confines of a treatment center, those who discontinue their use of alcohol are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms that can drive them back to drinking. And while men and women who are in an alcohol abuse treatment are also going to experience the process of withdrawal once their use of alcohol has stopped, they will, however, have the support and other interventions they need to refrain from using once more.

Among the many benefits associated with receiving detox for the treatment of alcohol addiction, the following are those that can ultimately help people reach their recovery goals:

  • Medical staff members are on-hand to supervise the overall health and wellbeing of the person who is receiving detox.
  • The bodies of those who receive detox are cleared of the substances that otherwise prevented them from living alcohol-free lives.
  • Upon completion of detox, men and women can effectively participate in other facets of programming as their minds are no longer preoccupied by nagging cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

In sum, those who receive detox for alcoholism at the start of their treatment are more likely to remain on the road to recovery and establish healthier lives for themselves.

However, for those individuals who do not receive detox under the supervision of medical professionals at an alcohol detox treatment center, an ongoing pattern of alcohol abuse is likely to be the result. It can be quite difficult for an individual to ignore the overpowering cravings for more alcohol and uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms when attempting to abstain from the use of this substance without the help of knowledgeable and trained professionals. In many cases, alcohol abuse can worsen and the risk of alcohol poisoning and additional health concerns increases the longer a chemical dependency concern of this kind persists.

A key thing to bear in mind, however, is that it is possible to free oneself from the grasp of an alcohol addiction. Regardless if you or someone you care about has made efforts to achieve recovery in the past, hope for a healthier life remains. By entering an alcohol abuse treatment center that includes medically supervised detox, an alcohol-free tomorrow is just on the horizon.

To learn more about detox for alcohol addiction and how we, at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California, can help you or an important person in your life defeat alcoholism or another substance abuse problem, feel free to give us a call. A recovered and healthy life awaits.

Why Choose Detox

Why consider detox for alcohol addiction at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA

The best, safest, and healthiest way to detox from alcohol is by participating in a medically monitored detoxification program that is staffed by experienced professionals, such as the one we have here at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA.

Depending upon many factors, including the length of time that a person has been dependent upon alcohol, and the amount of alcohol that he or she has been consuming, attempting to self-detox or wean oneself from alcohol can be not only difficult, but dangerous. In cases where a person has developed a particularly severe alcohol use disorder, trying to stop drinking without professional assistance can actually be a life-threatening experience.

When a person develops alcohol use disorder, his or her body will undergo physiological changes in order to adapt to the presence of alcohol. If that person either stops or dramatically decreases the amount and frequency of his or her alcohol consumption, his or her body will react with a variety of unpleasant and possibly harmful symptoms, including, but not limited to, irregular heart rate, increased blood pressure, elevated body temperature, and seizures. These physical symptoms can be accompanied by agitation, confusion, hallucinations, and delusions, which can complicate the individual’s ability to care for him or herself.

In our professionally staffed medically monitored detoxification program in Riverside, California, individuals can be spared the pain and risk that can result from attempts to self-detox from alcohol. Under the care and supervision of professionals who are experienced in all aspects of the detox process, men and women can rid their bodies of alcohol with minimal discomfort and maximum safety.

Depending upon the needs of the individual and the capabilities of the program, a person’s time in medically monitored detox treatment center may include the administration of prescription medications that can ease both physical and psychological suffering. Also, when a person completes detox for alcohol as part of a comprehensive treatment program, he or she may also be able to engage in therapeutic interventions while still in detox. Therapy can help the individual to manage detox symptoms, and will also prepare him or her to make a seamless and successful transition into the next phase of treatment for alcoholism.

Thanks to Sunrise Recovery Ranch, my daughter was able to get the lasting recovery she deserved from her addiction and her co-occurring mental health disorder. I am super grateful!

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