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Sunrise Recovery Ranch provides bipolar disorder treatment rooted in a science-based, research-supported clinical model to ensure a healthier, more satisfying life, without addiction.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

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While everyone experiences fluctuations in mood, there are some individuals who struggle with such drastic emotional fluctuations that it hinders their ability to function appropriately on a daily basis. In some instances, it is possible that such fluctuations are the result of bipolar disorders. Bipolar and related disorders refer to a category of mental illnesses that can lead to severe disturbances in the lives of individuals suffering from them. Depending on the particular type of bipolar disorder that one is suffering from, whether it be bipolar I, bipolar II, or cyclothymic disorder, the type and severity of symptoms will vary. Yet most of these individuals will likely discover that adhering to daily responsibilities and tasks of living will become monumentally difficult, if not impossible. When the presence of a bipolar disorder is accompanied by an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the effects on an individual’s life can be even more devastating. In such cases, it is imperative that individuals receive professional rehab at a quality treatment center that addresses both conditions in order for true healing to be achieved.

At Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, California, we recognize the immense battle that co-occurring bipolar disorders and substance abuse can present for our clients. For this reason, we have devised specialized rehabilitation programming that is tailored to help individuals overcome their compulsion to abuse drugs and/or alcohol while also helping them learn the tools necessary to successfully manage the symptoms they experience as a result of bipolar disorders. At Sunrise Recovery Ranch, a new beginning can be discovered.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for bipolar disorder

If you have a family member or other loved one who is suffering from a type of bipolar disorder, you likely vacillate among a variety of emotions. Watching your loved one behave in ways that you do not understand can be extremely disconcerting and can cause you an immense amount of distress. If you discover that your loved one is also battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, your concern and your distress is likely to drastically increase. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to assist your loved one during this turbulent time. Consider the following:

  • Become educated about bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, and cyclothymic disorder so that you can better identify which symptoms plague your loved one and what treatment options are available to help him or her.
  • Learn about the ways that an addiction to substances can impact bipolar disorder symptoms and vice versa.
  • Research rehab options at treatment centers that are specifically designed to help individuals who are battling co-occurring chemical dependency and bipolar disorder.
  • Engage your loved one in an open and honest conversation where you express the concerns you have. Allow your loved one to use this opportunity to also share the concerns that he or she has as well, including any reservations he or she may have about receiving treatment.
  • Show your loved one the research you have compiled regarding various treatment options, and explain the immense benefits that can be obtained by receiving such treatment and rehab for bipolar disorder.
  • Offer to help your loved one begin the treatment process by calling various treatment centers and inquiring about the admissions and assessment processes. Also, offer to accompany your loved one to any appointments that may be scheduled.
  • Once your loved one has started to participate in treatment, be an active part of his or her therapeutic process. Attend family therapy sessions if they are offered, and call to check in with your loved one frequently. Doing so will show your loved one that he or she is not alone during rehab and can encourage him or her to diligently continue with treatment.
  • Ask your loved one’s treatment providers for suggestions on ways that you can help encourage your loved one’s recovery process at home.
  • Remain a source of unconditional encouragement and support for your loved one.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for bipolar disorder at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA

When individuals fail to seek rehabilitation and treatment for bipolar disorders, the consequences that can arise in their lives can be exceedingly detrimental. Disturbances within interpersonal relationships are frequent, as these individuals may become socially withdrawn or may act out in ways that are confusing to those around them. Familial strife and marital discord are also common occurrences, as individuals suffering from bipolar disorders struggle to relate to those around them and find that they are unable to explain why they behave in the manner that they do. Performing appropriately in an occupational setting frequently becomes difficult, and individuals may lose their jobs or be demoted from the positions that they hold as a result of a decline in work performance or as a result of being frequently absent from work altogether. Additionally, individuals suffering from bipolar disorders often engage in risky behaviors, usually when in a state of mania or hypomania, which can include engaging in shopping sprees and experiencing significant financial turmoil as a result. When these individuals are simultaneously abusing drugs and/or alcohol, the effects can become even more serious as their physical health can be put in jeopardy. Fortunately, by engaging in comprehensive rehab at a treatment center for addiction and co-occurring bipolar disorders, these devastating consequences can be successfully prevented.

Types of Treatment

Types of bipolar disorder treatment offered at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA

Located on 10 acres of beautiful property in Riverside, California, Sunrise Recovery Ranch is dedicated to providing caring and effective treatment for people struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, including bipolar disorders. We are committed to the pursuit of health and freedom from addiction, and we employ the best evidence-based treatments available in order to help each of our clients break free from substance use disorders and co-occurring bipolar disorders. To that end, we provide a safe environment for our clients to establish a foothold in sobriety while also addressing the symptoms they experience as a result of their comorbid mental health concerns as they engage in rehab services.

By choosing to heal with us, each client will work closely with a team of caring treatment professionals, including drug counselors, therapists, nurses, and clinical technicians, all of whom are devoted to helping our clients heal. When participating in rehab at a residential treatment center for chemical dependency and co-occurring bipolar disorders at Sunrise Recovery Ranch, the following interventions may be implemented into one’s treatment plan:

Detoxification: Clients who come to Sunrise Recovery Ranch with substances in their systems may require detoxification services prior to being able to participate in the full spectrum of treatment that Sunrise Recovery Ranch has to offer. During the detox process, medical monitoring and 24-hour nursing care is provided, and each client will meet with our physician within 24 to 48 hours of admission.

Medication management: Individuals who are battling bipolar disorders in addition to their addictions to drugs or alcohol will require the implementation of certain psychotropic medications in order to help alleviate the distressing symptoms that they experience. These clients will be provided with weekly visits from our staff medical team, and their day-to-day medication needs will be monitored and managed by our medical director or our nursing staff.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy is a crucial component of our treatment program. As such, each client will meet with our marriage and family therapist intern or trainee at least once per week and our substance abuse counselor twice per week. As part of meeting with their substance abuse counselor, clients have the option of including their families via teleconference sessions in order to provide progress updates. 

Family therapy: Families can often be a powerful resource for helping clients overcome substance abuse while also learning how to manage the symptoms of bipolar disorders. For clients who wish for their families to be included in treatment, weekly family therapy sessions are provided.

Group therapy: Group therapy is a central aspect of the recovery process when clients are working to overcome their addictions. At Sunrise Recovery Ranch, group therapy utilizes the expertise of clinical technicians, chemical dependency counselors, and marriage and family therapist interns and trainees. These groups are provided multiple times per day and can include discussions on a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Anger management
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Relapse prevention
  • How substance abuse has negatively affected clients and family members
  • Spirituality

Because recovery is a journey, we also work with our clients from the day they enter our quality treatment center to formulate an effective and individualized post-discharge plan so that they can continue the progress they have made towards recovery once residential treatment is complete. Treatment options after discharge may include referrals to our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and/or our intensive outpatient program (IOP) for additional rehab and support. We will provide clients with recommendations for continuing care options that will be most beneficial in meeting their specific needs, which may include engaging in other types of outpatient programming. We will also work to ensure that all clients have a solid support system in place prior to leaving our residential treatment center.

If you or someone you care for is suffering from the symptoms of bipolar disorder while also battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, look no further than Sunrise Recovery Ranch located in Riverside, California. Our compassionate team of professionals at our treatment center will work tirelessly to ensure that you or your loved one receives the comprehensive care needed to achieve true and lasting recovery.

Thanks to Sunrise Recovery Ranch, my daughter was able to get the lasting recovery she deserved from her addiction and her co-occurring mental health disorder. I am super grateful!

– Michelle A.
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