Detox Treatment Center for Demerol Addiction in Riverside, CA

Sunrise Recovery Ranch provides detoxification services for adults struggling with Demerol addiction near Riverside, CA. Sunrise has nearly 20 years of experience offering safe & comfortable detox with a staff of trained professionals.

Importance of Demerol Detox

The importance of detox for Demerol addiction

Demerol is a prescription drug that is most typically used in the inpatient setting to address pain. This drug can be used during labor and childbirth, to manage pain caused by cancer, heart attacks, accidents, and other severe medical concerns. When used appropriately under the care of the prescribing medical professional, Demerol is an effective analgesic. However, in addition to its pain-relieving properties, Demerol is known to produce feelings of elation or euphoria. Because of this pleasure-inducing side effect, some individuals begin to crave the drug outside of its intended use. Furthermore, Demerol can be extremely habit-forming, and once an individual becomes addicted to this substance, a chemical dependence can take hold that requires professional help from a Demerol addiction detox and treatment center to address.

The decision to seek out addiction treatment for Demerol abuse is no small feat, and the options for care may seem overwhelming at first. But for individuals seeking to free themselves from the grips of an addiction to Demerol or other prescription drugs, a treatment center that offers a supervised detox program can offer a step to healing that will allow them to make the most of the next phases of recovery.

Benefits of Demerol Detox

Benefits of detoxing from Demerol at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA

When an individual uses Demerol for long periods of time, his or her body will become dependent on the drug. Having become accustomed to the substance, the body will react negatively when one abruptly stops his or her Demerol use. Known as withdrawal, the negative symptoms an individual experiences when he or she ceases his or her Demerol use can act as a significant deterrent to ending the cycle of substance abuse. Affecting a person’s mental, emotional, and physical state, withdrawal can include many of the following:

  • Restlessness
  • Irritable mood
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Tremors, shakes
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Physical aches and pains
  • Fatigue or Insomnia
  • Fever

Many individuals who sincerely desire to end their Demerol use attempt to struggle through withdrawal on their own. However, the cravings to use are strong, and these attempts often result in the person using the drug again in an attempt to put an end to the discomfort. These failed withdrawals can make achieving sobriety much more difficult. However, with the help of a supervised detox program at a Demerol addiction treatment center, men and women struggling with a Demerol addiction can rid their bodies of harmful substances safely without having to endure the pain of withdrawal.

If a person had been abusing Demerol for some time, clearing his or her body of this illicit substance through detox will be an important first step in achieving lasting sobriety. Leaving detox, he or she may feel more like him or herself, experiencing a heightened sense of self-awareness and physical wellbeing that may not have been present since becoming dependent on Demerol.

With this newfound clarity and strength, men and women who had been suffering from a Demerol addiction will be well prepared to explore the next steps on the continuum of care. Whether they are transitioning to residential treatment center or engaging in rehab services at the outpatient level for their Demerol addiction, they will be starting the road to sobriety, having successfully rid their minds and bodies of substances that would deter them from achieving their goals.

If you or a loved one has been struggling with an addiction to Demerol, be assured that help is just a phone call away. The staff at Sunrise Recovery Ranch located in Riverside, California is always available to share details about the therapeutic supports we offer to help individuals overcome substance use disorders, including our comprehensive, supervised detox program.

How to Detox

Why consider detox for Demerol addiction at Sunrise in Riverside, CA

Because symptoms of withdrawal can arise as soon as 24 hours after an individual quits taking the drug, it is best to seek out a supervised detox as soon as one ceases use. During their time in detox, individuals will be monitored 24/7 by staff to ensure a safe experience, and may be prescribed medication to help alleviate or eliminate the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of withdrawal.

Medical and mental health professionals who understand the unique challenges associated with chemical dependence will be available to provide a variety of rehab and therapeutic supports to help make the detox process as comfortable as possible. Staff members at our Demerol addiction detox treatment center include doctors, nurses, and counselors who work together to help each person in their care clear their minds and bodies of harmful substances and prepare for the next step in his or her treatment plan.

Having achieved sobriety in a safe and secure setting, the individuals who progress through the supervised detox process will have the strong bodies and clear minds they need to make the most of whichever next steps they are ready to take on the journey to recovery.

Thanks to Sunrise Recovery Ranch, my daughter was able to get the lasting recovery she deserved from her addiction and her co-occurring mental health disorder. I am super grateful!

– Michelle A.
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