Detox Treatment Center for Vicodin Addiction in Riverside, CA

Sunrise Recovery Ranch provides detoxification services for adults struggling with Vicodin addiction near Riverside, CA. Sunrise has nearly 20 years of experience offering safe & comfortable detox with a staff of trained professionals.

Importance of Vicodin Detox

The importance of detox for Vicodin addiction

Vicodin is a prescription medication that is used to alleviate chronic or acute pain. As a central nervous system depressant, this medication not only prevents a person from feeling pain, but it can also produce feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Although this medication is highly beneficial for individuals who are suffering from pain, as an opioid narcotic, Vicodin is a highly addictive substance. As such, even when people initially use this medication for a legitimate medical reason, they are susceptible to becoming addicted to it.

Regardless of whether a person begins using Vicodin because his or her doctor prescribes it, or if a person is using it recreationally in order to achieve a high, he or she is at risk for becoming tolerant to it. Tolerance occurs when a person’s body becomes accustomed to the effects of a medication and, therefore, must increase the amount he or she is using in order to continue experiencing the desired effects. As tolerance develops, and an individual increases his or her use of Vicodin, he or she will likely become physically dependent on it, meaning that his or her body no longer functions normally unless the substance is present in his or her system. As a result of this chemical dependence, if the individual then attempts to stop using Vicodin, he or she is vulnerable to experiencing a period of withdrawal as his or her body works to readjust itself to the way it functioned prior to the introduction of Vicodin. Painful withdrawal symptoms indicate that professional care at a quality addiction treatment center that includes detoxification may be needed to end the use of Vicodin.

Effects of Vicodin Withdrawal

What happens during Vicodin detox & withdrawal

Withdrawing from Vicodin can be an extremely unpleasant experience, eliciting symptoms that can cause individuals significant distress. Examples of such symptoms can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Powerful cravings for Vicodin
  • Excessive sweating
  • Muscle aches
  • Vomiting
  • Chronic nausea
  • Fever
  • Insomnia
  • Dysphoric mood

Once the symptoms of withdrawal set in, it can be extremely distressing, causing individuals to seek out any means possible of putting an end to it. Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to do so is by reintroducing Vicodin into the body, which only serves to perpetuate the cycle of ongoing abuse and addiction. Yet, it is important to recognize that there is another option. One does not have to relapse in order to experience relief from the symptoms of withdrawal. Seeking out help at a treatment center for substance abuse concerns that has an accredited detox program is an important step to defeating an addiction to Vicodin.

Benefits of Vicodin Detox

Benefits of detoxing from Vicodin at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA

By engaging in detoxification, or detox, services at a Vicodin addiction treatment center, individuals have the ability to have Vicodin safely removed from their bodies without having to endure the painful and distressing symptoms of withdrawal.

At Sunrise Recovery Ranch located in Riverside, California, we offer a fully comprehensive detox program that provides individuals with ongoing support and care as they transition through this period of time that could otherwise seem unmanageable. Clients who participate in our detox program have access to around-the-clock nursing care by a team who is devoted to making sure that they are as comfortable as possible during this process at our Vicodin addiction treatment center. Our staff physician meets with clients within 24 to 48 hours of admission, and medical personnel is on-hand to monitor each individual throughout his or her time in detox so as to ensure his or her safety and comfort. When it is necessary, certain medications may be given in order to assist in providing additional comfort during a patient’s stay at our Vicodin addiction treatment center.

Once the detoxification process is complete, and all traces of Vicodin and all other toxic substances have been cleared from an individual’s system, he or she will then be able to seamlessly transition out of detox and into our residential rehabilitation program. At this level of care within our treatment center for Vicodin addiction, individuals will be provided with ample therapeutic interventions that help them develop the confidence they need in order to remain successful in their recovery.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider detox for Vicodin addiction at Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, CA

The benefits of participating in detox for Vicodin at an addiction treatment center in order to jumpstart one’s recovery from an addiction to Vicodin are vast and can include the following:

  • The ever-present risk of overdosing that exists when a person is abusing this medication can be eliminated when engaging in a detox program for Vicodin abuse.
  • Future damage to a person’s physical and mental health can be prevented.
  • The temptation to use Vicodin is eradicated because individuals will not have access to it while in detox for their Vicodin abuse.
  • Mental health professionals are available to give the psychological and emotional support that is crucial to the healing process.
  • Individualized attention is given to each person who is receiving detox at our Vicodin addiction treatment center, ensuring that all of his or her needs are met.
  • By having Vicodin removed from one’s system, he or she can gain the clarity of mind that is needed for engaging in the therapeutic aspects.

At Sunrise Recovery Ranch in Riverside, we believe that making the decision to enter detox is a demonstration of bravery and inner strength. Furthermore, we believe that individuals should be celebrated for the courage to work towards attaining recovery that they demonstrate by entering treatment. We offer everyone who is entrusted into our care an individualized treatment plan that is designed to specifically address his or her needs and concerns so that he or she can successfully meet his or her treatment goals.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to Vicodin and would like more information about our detoxification program, or if you have questions about any other aspect of the programming we offer here at Sunrise Recovery Ranch, please do not hesitate to contact our Vicodin addiction treatment center staff today.

Thanks to Sunrise Recovery Ranch, my daughter was able to get the lasting recovery she deserved from her addiction and her co-occurring mental health disorder. I am super grateful!

– Michelle A.
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